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November 14, 2014

Our Visit to Polly's Tearoom • Norway

This week, I'm sharing our visit to Polly's Tearoom in Halden, Norway.  

This is one of the views out the front windows:

Hanne of Vintage Interior Blogs owns the dreamy establishment and it's named after her mother.  

Polly's is a café and vintage/antiques store all in one. It's a very beautiful place to enjoy gourmet food, tea, coffee, cookies, cakes that Hanne's sister Rikke creates that's delicious and shop for beautiful items in this charming town, Halden.  

My husband and I are still thinking of the delicious dishes we enjoyed while there.  Rikke made a special vegetarian dish of pasta for my husband that was amazing and so thoughtful to create something vegetarian and very fresh & delicious for him!

Above, one of my favorite photos at Polly's Tearoom, not a detail is missed as far as the eye can see, it's truly an interior to be enjoyed and taken in over and over!

Love, love, love the mirrors and everything on the cabinet and items inside the cabinet too!

As you can see, there are sparkly white candles everywhere.  Inviting us and everyone into Polly's tearoom!

Hanne was so gracious and welcoming, she allowed me to look through every space in the store to bring back items for my boutique, we were there for hours, it was a vintage/antique dream for me and my husband was so patient waiting for me.  I looked upstairs, main floor and even in the basement, thank you so much Hanne for allowing me to enjoy hours in your amazing Pollys Tearoom! 

Above:  Cabinets full of vintage/antiques goodies.

My Petite Maison • Norway • Polly's Tearoom

Above:  The beautiful counter at Polly's.  Hanne tells me, Nina found the piece in Paris, France (of course).  This counter is even more beautiful in person and stocked with teas.  We brought teas home and have been enjoying them every Sunday.

My Petite Maison • Visits Polly's Tearoom • Delicious Teas at Polly's Tearoom

Above:  Part of the outdoor café at Polly's Tearoom.  I enjoyed delicious Elderflower Bubbly, it was so good over ice as we looked out to the park. 

My Petite Maison • Norway • Polly's Tearoom •  Looking across to the park in Halden

My Petite Maison • Norway • Gazebo in Halden

Club Sandwich & Vegetarian Pasta created by Rikke at Polly's Tearoom

My Petite Maison • Day 2 at Polly's Tearoom • Lemon Meringue Cookies

Above:  Up the stairs at Polly's Tearoom.  A beautiful Mora Clock that glows in natural light.

 Below:  A close up of the beautiful Mora:

Above:  Wanted to bring this tureen home but had so many breakables coming home already.  I'm still dreaming about this tureen!

Below: Upstairs at Polly's • A huge room filled with vintage & antique treasures.

Just click to view photo larger

We journeyed to Polly's Tearoom from our hotel by foot two days in a row, it was lovely and I will remember it always.  I can't say enough to how welcoming Hanne and Rikke were to us.  We were far from home and they welcomed us like they had known us always.  We truly hope to repay their kindness should they travel to California one day with all our hearts. 

We hope to return next summer, that's just how wonderful it was for us.  We absolutely loved the town of Halden and stayed at the most charming hotel decorated in vintage French décor as well.  I will be posting about that later on the blog.

Above:  A huge French flag that Shayne and Hanne held up for me to take a photo, it is beautiful!

Upstairs at Polly's Tearoom • A haven to enjoy!

Thank you for visiting Polly's Tearoom with us.  If you get a chance to go to Halden, we truly recommend a visit or 2 or 3 to Polly's!

Next on the blog, I will be sharing our visit to Hanne's beautiful home in Norway.